Standing in Our Power (SiOP) envisions a world where all who identify as women of color* co-create a new story of holistic transformation, sustainability and wellness for all across the gender spectrum.

We are an intergenerational network of social justice movement makers who identify as women and girls of color. Through our transformative leadership development and capacity building model, we radically redefine the status quo to ignite personal, structural and cultural liberation.

SiOP leverages the healing and catalyzing power of the arts, culture and spirituality. We amplify the voices and visions of women of color social justice leaders and social entrepreneurs. Collectively, we are co-creating new leadership paradigms and practices for our social movements and beyond.

SiOP is a project of  Spirit in Action, a national movement building organization committed to a creating a positive future for all.

*In the context of our work, the term ‘women of color” refers to transgender and cisgender women of color, and gender non-conforming people of color.  We recognize that this term is not ideal and we aim to work with our members and partners on finding better ways to create inclusive language to reflect the full range of people with whom we work.