About Us

Standing in Our Power (SiOP) is an intergenerational network of social justice movement makers who identify as women and girls of color. Through our transformative leadership development and capacity building model, we radically redefine the status quo to ignite personal, structural and cultural liberation. We amplify the voices and visions of our members, cultivate practices that are in alignment with our values, and leverage the power of creativity and spirituality.

We understand the innate linkage of inner and outer work, and support our members to heal from trauma and internalized oppression while strengthening their external work to end structural racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism and ageism.

Only by ensuring that those who are most marginalized are immediately at the table creating alternatives and advocating for reform, can we as a nation achieve the ideal that no one is left out and that everyone benefits. SiOP ensures the radical inclusion of women of color who are building a more just, equitable and sustainable world. Grounded in a shared political analysis of “how we got here,” SiOP is working to proactively prepare for the transition in demographics that our nation faces in the coming years where women of color will be a critical majority in the United States.

SiOP is inclusive of cis and transgender women of color, and gender non-conforming folks,  who represent diverse cultural and class backgrounds. Our membership is inter-generational with people from a wide range of roles and experiences. The term ‘of color’ is used as a measure of solidarity, and in no way an effort to homogenize a population that has different class privilege, histories, etc.