Catching Fire, Breaking Silence: Addressing Sexual & Gender Violence

By Taij Kumarie Moteelall and Diana Marie Lee Standing in Our Power (SiOP), a network of women of color social justice leaders, is calling for greater integrity, accountability, interdependence and compassion among individuals and organizations working for transformative social change. Many of us who serve as the core leaders and coaches of SiOP came to […]

Zenyu: “Complete Healing”

By Christine Cruz Guiao To stand in my power, I remember who I am. I mean, who I really am as a spiritual and soulful being, beyond my political identities: which include all of the complicated entanglements of oppressions and privileges I bear as a 2nd-generation Filipin@-American, gender-nonconforming queer woman. To work with others to […]

Sweet Livity

By Diana Marie Lee Growing up African American back and forth between the urban streets of Richmond, California and more rural Muskogee, Oklahoma (where the legacy of the Tulsa massacre lingers on), “social justice” was the water I drank and the air I breathed. There were three pillars on which my family’s faith and sacrifice […]