Our Work

Standing in Our Power (SiOP) offer local/national programs, coaching and capacity building consulting services that:

  • Fosters transformative leadership development among social justice movement makers , with an emphasis on cis and transgender women of color and other marginalized identity groups;
  • Cultivates individual and organizational wellness (physical, mental, emotional, economic and cultural);
  • Leverages the power of the arts, culture and creative process for inspiration, growth and action;
  • Integrates spirituality and contemplative practice into social justice movements;
  • Honors the land and the indigenous people of the land;
  • Connects social entrepreneurship with non-profit work to ensure increased sustainability; and,
  • Develops competency and mastery in the areas of organizing, advocacy, resource development and communications.

Programs and consulting services are developed and provided by our  co-leaders and other facilitators and partners in the SiOP network.