National Programs

October 27-30, 2016 – Women of Color in Philanthropy Retreat

SiOP’s 2016 Women of Color in Philanthropy Retreat is designed to support trans and cisgender women of color, and gender non-conforming people of color, to become increasingly powerful and effective social justice philanthropists.

We live in a time that compels us to grapple with violence, inequality, oppression and injustice while also staying grounded and focused on the vision of the world we want to create.  Since June alone we’ve witnessed:  a tragic massacre in Orlando FL fueled by hate; disappointment in the Supreme Court 4-4 ruling in regards to the implementation of President Obama’s immigrant relief program; and continuous state sanctioned violence on Black lives.  We’ve also seen some wins such as the Supreme Court decision that protects women’s rights to abortions and promotes reproductive justice.  As we toggle between grief and hope, it is vital for those of us actively working for social change to invest in our own leadership development, especially a transformational approach that allows us to simultaneously engage in healing, visioning and action planning. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. Find out more.


Women of Color Business Incubator

In 2016, SiOP developed its Women of Color Business Incubator (WOC Biz Incubator), a year-long program to strengthen the innovation, growth, productivity and management capacity of 30 entrepreneurs living in asset poverty who identify as women of color, inclusive of trans and cisgender and noncomforming folks. Within this program, SiOP’s transformative leadership development model supports members to heal from internalized, institutional and generational (family and community) oppression and trauma in a safe space; and bring forth their most powerful self in action to launch a thriving entrepreneurial venture.

During the past three years, SiOP has offered training and mentorship support to its members through national transformative leadership retreats, regional gatherings, workshops, webinars and coaching. While programs initially focused on women of color leading in nonprofits, we assessed that at least one third of participants were interested in exploring entrepreneurship as a viable career pathway. The unintended consequences of SiOP’s leadership process resulted in women of color transitioning from working full-time to launching 10 new businesses and strengthening an additional 20 small businesses. Find out more, and get involved today!


Transformational Leadership Institute

In 2015 we kicked off our third Transformational Leadership Institute for women of color movement makers working to create a just, equitable and sustainable world. The 2015-16 TLI was an opportunity for women who’ve begun their journey to deeper their healing and transformational leadership development. We collectively called the question about why violence against all who identify as women and girls of color has become so invisible and permissible in society. And addressed what we can do to construct a new reality.

Through the institute, we remember, create and embody practices for leading powerful, sustainable and intersectional social movements that are working for racial, gender, economic and environmental justice. Leaders on the front lines of movements engaged in personal transformation, respite, visioning, community and network building, and healing — all while having fun and being joyful! The retreat is designed for participants to gain clarity on what’s next and helping them to navigate the journey forward with coaching, tools, resources, and within a supportive community. Find out more about the last TLI and sign up for more information about the forthcoming 2017 TLI.


For more information, please contact Taij(at)spiritinaction(dot)net