Half Way Point! Transformative Leadership Institute

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By Dayanara Marte


“A major focus of our work this month was shifting from the language of scarcity to a focus on abundance. When do you notice yourself talking about your professional expertise and experience from a place scarcity? ( I don’t have these skills that I need to get a new job). As you become aware of yourself talking about yourself turn it around and focus on what assets you do have.”

– Piper Anderson, SiOP Coach

This winter, I celebrate the half way point of our journey in the Transformative Leadership Institute (TLI). I want to acknowledge the coaches and the participants for getting on monthly calls to create the life where they can have it all.

For the past six months, the participants have been putting into action the practices they learned at the retreat, writing affirmations, having goals, and giving things up along the way. From executive directors to global artists, youth and elders, healers and activists, from California to New York and everywhere in between, participants look forward to the calls. It is our sacred space, our self care place, it is where trauma speaks and spirit listens. It is where tired bodies rest on the words of others and find courage and strength in the stories that another is giving up.

With new possibilities and the declaration of a brand new way of being, many of the participants have transitioned from jobs that didn’t fulfill them and let go of unhealthy relationships with themselves and others. In gratitude, participants have formed long lasting relationships with each other and are being creative in creating safe spaces of healing in their communities. We are healing from loss, both for people we’ve lost last year and for letting go of parts of ourselves that no longer serve a purpose.

On our calls the participants of the TLI hold each other to account for what they say they want. They share challenges about money, life, work, relationships, and the deep contradictions that they live at times. They share the challenges that come from sitting in the middle of their lives, in between what they have and what they know they can have, who they are and who they want to be.

Most of all we share the fear that comes up when we think about saying “no” to what we don’t want and saying “yes” to what we want, and what that decision will produce in our lives. Nonetheless, we show up anyway and in the practice of presence, spirit, creativity and storytelling, vulnerability, compassion, and acceptance we are creating the world we want to live in today!

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