How I learned to Stand in My Power

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By Piper Anderson
I’m 31 years old and still very much in the process of discovering my power. The ways I think about my leadership continue to evolve and take on new meaning in my life and for how I want to contribute to the world. Twelve years ago, working for social justice was in itself an act of healing. The act of organizing, speaking out against injustice, understanding systems of oppression, and being apart of a larger movement for change was exactly what I needed to stop feeling powerless and silenced. Yet by the time I was 24 years old I was burnt out and the work simply wasn’t enough. All the energy I extended out into the world left me feeling depressed and heart broken. Furthermore, I began to understand that the systemic and interpersonal trauma I sustained throughout my life impacted my ability to be fully present and invested in my relationships both personally and professionally.  I had to change the way I thought about my leadership and my contributions to creating another world. I had to change because my life depended on it. I wrote this poem in 2004 when I began to intentionally walk my healing journey. This journey has led me to an expression of my power that is rooted in a commitment to transformation, imagination, and healing justice for all.

A Commitment to Living

Let us laugh after crying
or better yet in the midst of tears.
Let us wear our battle scars like tribal tattoos
Wash the feet of a comrade
Love our weaknesses like they were perfections
Make eye contact with destiny
without blinking
or hiding behind what we think
we know.

Let me kiss each blemish on your soul
and hear the story of its inception.
Lets give birth to silence in the midst of
this urgent need for movement
Lets make love to the sound of our
Lets quilt together our political identities
Draw surrealist images of the enemy

Lets be revolution that is whimsical and fantastic.
Lets remember that before we were our ideals
before we defined ourselves
according to somebody else’s theory of our existence
We were breath, nommo and
dreams that were so far out of this dimension
that they could only be dreamt until
somebody spoke them
and decided that they must be lived
so we did
and it was just that simple.

Because we knew the power of words
and we knew that we descended from shaman
and spirit warriors
we knew the power of light
and the color of sound when it penetrated
erupted and transformed energy
we knew that we were midwives of
tomorrow and each moment was preparation
for delivering her to the present.
But some where along the way
we forgot the power of being human
and settled for just being
political with the right leftist analysis
But my flesh won’t let me forget
each ache from head down spine
won’t let me forget.
When my throat closes tight
and my hands shake
and I wake at night crying
from dreams that I can’t read
I can’t forget and the revolution
becomes getting out of bed each day
working though layers of barbwire coat my back
and my head whines until thoughts blend
with memories, forgotten “to do list”
and decisions that need to be made
and all I want is to be held close
rocked in loving hands
but some how none of this makes sense to you
and so I’ve changed the way that I live
made a commitment to honoring moments
I am celebrating a revolution of Spirit.

In this Movement there will be the telling of stories
the laying on of hands
the gathering together of voices to create harmonies
of transformation
Because theory is nothing without practice
So don’t feed me a lecture that won’t fortify my soul
I don’t want to read no research I can’t wear
Statistics just bind my hips
And I’m tired of published findings that restrict my movement
I can’t dance in your language
two many abstract words to decipher
my body only knows tongues
that are shades of reds, yellows, and browns
speaking in universal rhythms.
So if you’re about revolution
you better have the courage to love and understand
listen to self and to each other
honor the wisdom of the Earth
and let our tears heal everything that grows.
Because revolution is having the courage to be human
and together taking responsibility
for our living.

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