Introducing the Just Economy Solidarity Fund

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“The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situations which we seek to escape, but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of us…” —Audre Lorde

Who am I being? Since deepening into my own liberation— a journey catalyzed by healing circles I’ve been part of since the launch of Standing in Our Power— I often reflect on this question. I do so because I realize that the paradigm shift needed in leadership is moving from doing, having and then being to prioritizing who we are being first, then the doing and having will fall into place.

For too long, in our movements, I have witnessed many of us working for a new world while clinging to the old one. We want justice and we want it now! Sometimes we are doing the work to ensure equity is possible one day, while our current practice (who we are being) does not always align with our vision.

This #GivingTuesday I am excited for the opportunity to practice a new way of being in solidarity as I mobilize resources for transformation. Instead of raising money solely for my project, I get to practice interdependence by collectively raising resources for nine projects, Standing in Our Power being one of them.

Earlier this month, 35 organizers, fundraisers, donors, healers and other supporters of movements for racial, gender and economic justice gathered at the Watershed Center in Millerton, NY at the third Old Money New System community of practice retreat. We focused on building community by co-creating ritual and deepening our spiritual practices; embodying a vision in progress for radical change in decolonizing and decentralizing philanthropic practices; coordinating tactics for disrupting the status quo in our work, and mobilizing towards a radically equitable and liberatory way of resourcing social movements.

We grappled with big questions: What would a just transition in our economy look like? How can we move toward an economy that affirms the dignity and assets of all people, one that is free from exploitation and extraction?

We engaged in an experiment that we are calling a Just Economy Exchange where we exchanged material and non-material resources to share infrastructure, capacity, space and other resources.

What emerged (in part) is the Just Economy Solidarity Fund.

Please check out this wonderful community of practice of which I am a part. And give generously! If you donate to this one place, your support goes to a total of nine projects. Click here to learn about each project.

Let’s be the change by practicing interdependence and sparking collective liberation this #GivingTuesday.


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