National Initiatives

Transformational Leadership Institute (TLI)

Are you eager to center your own wellness, empowerment, and sustainability to thrive in life and your leadership? The TLI is an opportunity for trans and cisgender women of color, and gender nonconforming people of color, to experience our breakdown to breakthrough model. This institute is for social justice leaders and social entrepreneur who want to build trust and community with others who share a commitment to shifting the status quo to ignite personal, structural and cultural liberation. The TLI consists of a 3-5 day residential retreat, followed by coaching from certified SiOP coaches and peer support. Our TLI has been customized annually for various cohorts, ranging from women of color in philanthropy, folks who are part of the Movement for Black Lives, leaders working to end violence against women and girls of color, and more. If you want to further develop your leadership within a supportive community that prioritizes and integrates multiple forms of healing, and leverages the power of creativity and spirituality, contact us today.

Train-the-Trainers (T3)

Are you ready to step up and become stewards of the work within your organizations, businesses, and networks? Participate in our T3 and learn how to align the Standing in Our Power (SiOP) methodology with your skills, talents, experiences, and vision! The SiOP community of practice provides participants with continual guidance, coaching and support to facilitate spaces that center wellness, empowerment, and sustainability. The entrepreneurial component of the T3 prepares participants to generate income individually and/or organizationally as a SiOP trainer-partner.  Contact us today and learn how to facilitate transformative leadership development spaces with our breakdown to breakthrough model.

Transformative Entrepreneurship Program (TEP)

Are you interested in exploring entrepreneurship as a viable pathway to joyfully living your purpose and fostering self-determination? Then our new Transformative Entrepreneurship Program (TEP) is for you! SiOP will train 20 trans and cisgender women of color, and gender non-conforming people of color entrepreneurs to build or strengthen a sustainable business. TEP training will encompass leadership retreats, webinars, skills-building activities, and coaching/mentoring. Upon completion, they will have launched or scaled a small business; raised funding and/or venture capital; developed a library of knowledge and peer-support network; increased their access to business mentors, funders, and investors. This program will support you as an entrepreneur to do your social transformation work in a way that fuels economic recovery and builds sustainable wealth within your household and the disadvantaged communities you serve.

In Solidarity, We Trust

This political moment beckons us to stretch our imagination around what is possible and build inner/outer power to transform movements to be in greater solidarity across identities, issues, and power/privilege. In so doing, we create the possibility for greater solidarity among polarized groups. To move from a world of domination/exploitation to one of collaboration/partnership, SiOP believes it is essential to be in the deep practice of a “power with” rather than a “power over” paradigm. In the next five years, SiOP seeks to strengthen solidarity within our network and build power with allies. In Solidarity, We Trust, a new program that we are launching in 2018-19, begins with women of color building solidarity among ourselves and will work outward through a process of cultivating solidarity with white women, men of color and beyond in aligned gender, racial and economic justice movements. Through a listening phase, curricula and tools development, retreats, coaching, and capacity building services, we will build collective power in a time of crisis. Resisting the dominant, individualistic tendency that pushes us to go inward and contract, we will heal across divides, build authentic connections and be expansive.  In Solidarity, We Trust will support us to honor our oneness and practice being in right relation to each other. Contact us to learn more about our progress and to get involved.