One Woman’s Journey To “Live YOUR Light!” – Part 2

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By Judy Ford


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A WOMAN’S EXISTENCE – by Judy M. Ford ©

we do not exist for you

hard as that may be for you to accept

nor do we exist to change your perceptions of us

which you are unwilling to release

we exist for ourselves alone

we exist to remind ourselves of ourselves in our truth

in order to see us as we have always been

that we may show our daughters who they are

and what they must become

that they may have the courage to reveal themselves unto themselves

with the strength to manifest a vision of themselves

that exists beyond you

a vision of themselves determined not by the distortion of what your eyes see

which seek to define, confine, control and diminish

but by an ever-expanding vision of true and complete freedom

with the clarity of sight their mothers

and their mothers before them

were courageous enough to dream, envision and bestow

a vision of women living truly free

women manifesting themselves fully in the world

firmly rooted – mind, body and soul

not in your limited vision of us but

in the fullness of our own authentic power, innate authority and natural sovereignty

a woman so envisioned, so manifested, cannot exist for you

she is simply too grand for something so small

such a woman should simply be beheld

allowed her freedom to be

in all her fullness

and in so doing

you who behold her

can only be blessed

far beyond that

which any measure of existence for you

could ever allow


You may want to settle for ‘less than’ on your journey to “Live YOUR Light!”, but your Soul will never let you.

Sometimes a terrible event unexpectedly forces us to re-examine our lives. But just because we have an experience that breaks us wide open doesn’t mean all our habitual ways of being, thinking and doing will change overnight. It is just the beginning. It prepares us for the inevitable next time we will be broken open. But the next time, we will be more ready to bear the temporary pain of having the old shell torn away; we will be better able to overcome the fear of letting go; we will be confident that a stronger self will emerge.

So I still had work to do on my journey to “Live YOUR Light!” Over the course of the last seven years, I have engaged in an intentional process of personal and spiritual development. I said goodbye to the professional career path I had been on and developed my own definition of success, which allowed me to chart my own course both personally and professionally. It was a course that didn’t require a differentiation between the two; that didn’t require one be sacrificed for the other; that didn’t require compartmentalization of my ‘self’ from my ‘Soul;’ a course forward that allowed me to be of service and to be served. I realized that my gift for understanding, nurturing, support, forgiveness, love and compassion for others needed to have a stream that flowed back to me. So, I honored my calling to serve and hold space for women on their journeys of self-re-discovery……

…by becoming a certified professional coach! I started my own business, Sunrise Consulting, LLC and have been engaged in powerful coaching and leadership development relationships to help other women discover what it means for them to “Live YOUR Light!” In addition, I honored a life-long calling that for too long I had put on the back burner: writing poetry and inspirational prose. Last year, I published by first book, The Light in Your Pocket: Illuminate Your Life in 140-Characters or Less.

As I move into 2014, I look forward to additional coaching opportunities and partnership engagements with like-minded entrepreneurs, especially women. In addition, two more books are in process: Live YOUR Light! 365 Daily Illuminations for the Audacious Joy of Enlightened Living, and Chords & Scales: A Lyrical Collection of Life’s Rhythms – my first collection of poetry. And, finally, to better integrate yoga (yoga practice, principles and philosophy) into my work of providing ‘coaching as a healing practice,’ I am currently in yoga teacher training and will become certified as a registered yoga teacher by this summer.

The most essential lesson for me has been, quite simply, that there was more of me that needed the freedom to be. I have breathed new life into this journeywoman’s spirit in order to allow that more to be. That there is always more is true for each of us. We are more than what we’ve been. We are more than what others can see. We. Are. More. And it is so clear to me now that everything (the good; the challenging; all of it) that comes to you in your life journey is about revealing more of your Self to yourself. You can use every experience to achieve a deeper knowing and fuller release of your authentic you, your fearless you, your loving you, your powerful you, YOU, into the world. And that is what it means to “Live YOUR Light!”: to give yourself the permission, the space, the opportunity, the right to live a life in which you commit to being free to BE – to be the most expansive and most authentic expression of your Self. In so doing, you will discover your unique gifts of light and love that you can offer to yourself and the world, and will find that you receive the very same back in kind.

“Live YOUR Light!” is the motto of my company; it is how I choose to live and lead; it is what I support my clients in discovering and living for themselves. It is why we are here; it is what we most want; it is the birthright of every woman; it is what the world desperately needs from each of us; it is both how you will be best served and how you will best serve. “Live YOUR Light!” now and always.

About Judy M. Ford:

Judy M. Ford is a participant in the 2013-2014 Standing in Our Power Transformative Leadership Institute. Judy is Founder and Principal Coach of Sunrise Consulting, LLC and author of the recently published book: The Light in Your Pocket: Illuminate Your Life in 140-Characters or Less. Having established Sunrise Consulting, LLC as a coaching and speaking practice reflective of her own personal transformation and professional evolution, Judy uses her service of ‘coaching as a healing practice’, and her work as a speaker and author, to help women strengthen their capacity to awaken and unleash the transformative power of their own inner SHEvolutionary®, that they may live the power of their own light in their work and throughout their lives.

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