We Are Rising Up!

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“You may write me down in history / With your bitter, twisted lies, / You may trod me in the very dirt / But still, like dust, I’ll rise.” —Maya Angelou

In the midst of this political moment, we are reminded by the words of a powerful poetess, Maya Angelou, that although we are in a moment of defeat, we will rise. At Standing in Our Power (SiOP), we affirm: Like phoenixes from the flames, WE WILL RISE and be transformed while catalyzing broad-based transformation.

On October 10, 2018, we convened to commemorate SiOP’s seventh year! We elevated spiritually, released our rage, leaned into love, and got FREE in beloved community. October tenth was a magical night. We stirred up Radical Imagination while Climbing PoeTree enchanted us with Revolutionary Art. The night would not be complete without ritual and heart-filled performances by our featured artists, Climbing PoeTree, as well as Nadia Bourne, Sevonna Brown, Pratima Doobay, Mukyah Gurung, Stephanie Rodriguez, Jasmine Burems and King Aswad. SiOP members, Lala Zannell, Sevonna Brown and Nadia Bourne shared what transpires in SiOP spaces and its impact on them. We ended the night with dancing.

Check out images HERE. Please enjoy this video with highlights from the event:

Times like these warrant us to RISE UP boldly as every generation must! History shows us that the most difficult times offer moments of great possibility. Our celebration marked a recommitment to co-creating a new future. Entering into our next seven years, SiOP is reimagining our purpose and structure. We are listening deeply, healing, releasing and transforming to advance our bold vision of personal and collective liberation for trans and cisgender womyn of color and gender nonconforming, resistant people of color.

We are in deep gratitude to our community and new relations who stepped up with boundless generosity of time, attention, donations, love and energy. To those who attended the event, we hope that you found what you desired and that the space we co-created was able to lend to your liberation.

If you were unable to attend and want to #GetFREEwithSiOP, please connect with us and support our deeply transformative work.

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